Partnership Programs

Strategic and Emerging Partnership Program

Atlantic Data Security proudly presents our Strategic and Emerging Partnership Program. We’re eager to collaborate with service and solution providers seeking growth in the cybersecurity sector. Our program offers co-branded initiatives, a dynamic CyberHub platform, and flexible partnership tiers to align with your goals. Let’s succeed together in cybersecurity’s ever-changing landscape.

Program Overview

At Atlantic Data Security, we seek growth-oriented, like-minded partners in the cybersecurity field. Our program is tailored for service and solution providers, with us acting as a VAR to expand your customer base. Our seasoned engineering team ensures top-notch customer experiences with your solutions. Leveraging our trusted customer relationships, we position your offerings as trusted advisor recommendations. Through collaborative marketing and sales efforts, we achieve synergistic growth together.

Introducing Atlantic Data Security CyberHub

The Atlantic Data Security CyberHub is a new, permanent virtual exhibit hall designed to feature our Partners in a dynamic and engaging way, highlighting their use cases and security solutions. Partners will be expected to include important contact information and supply core content such as video demos and graphics to populate their virtual booth.

Partnership Structure

Our partnership program has two tiers, Emerging and Strategic, each tailored to promote your business effectively. We emphasize co-branding and offer Marketing Development Funds (MDF) for activities like digital marketing, field events, and sales kick-offs, available to all program members.


Strategic Partners have access to an emerging part, but at a higher cadence with more exclusive opportunities. Making the most of our collaborative ethos, we will work hand-in-hand monthly with your business leaders in marketing and sales to figure out the best GTM approaches. In addition to the joint marketing campaigns, our Strategic Partners will have the first opportunity to work alongside us at any of our regional flagship events, will be prominently featured with a dedicated landing page on our site, and a space in our Atlantic Data Security CyberHub.


Partners that are just beginning their Atlantic Data Security journey – think of this as a way to get your feet wet in the VAR side of cybersecurity. With quarterly marketing initiatives, your business will be exposed to great new opportunities. We will work with your marketing and sales leaders on a quarterly basis to make sure our messaging is succinct and is targeting the right types of prospects

Partnership Benefits Overview

Atlantic Data Security offers a comprehensive Partnership Benefits program. It includes co-branded social media posts to amplify partners’ messages and showcase their solutions. Regular case studies and white papers highlight real-world success stories. Joint events provide networking opportunities and brand promotion. Co-branded digital marketing campaigns target specific audiences on platforms like LinkedIn, Meta, and Google Display Network. Dedicated white-labeled landing pages maximize lead generation. Partners can participate in the Atlantic Data Security CyberHub to showcase their solutions. Executive Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) ensure ongoing collaboration, and official press releases enhance brand exposure. Optional benefits include marketing consultation, sales engineer training, influencer marketing campaigns, dedicated business development campaigns, and marketing video production.

Co-Branded Social Media PostMonthlyQuarterly
Case Study / White PaperQuarterlySemi-Annualy
1 Joint Event With Atlantic Data SecurityQuarterlyAnnualy
Regional Planning On Event Partnership for Key EventsQuarterlySemi-Annualy
Co-Branded Digital Marketing CampaignQuarterlySemi-Annualy
Dedicated Whitelisted Landing Page & Virtual Exhibit Within The Partner Exhibit HallPermanentAdditional Purchase
Official Press Release Announcement Through PR Newswire, Social Media & WebsiteOne-TimeAdditional Purchase
Executive QBR & Sales EngagementQuarterlyQuarterly
Account Planning, Mapping, Targeting and ReviewQuarterlyQuarterly
Sales Engineer & FSA TrainingQuarterlyQuarterly

Included Partnership Benefits

Co-Branded Social Media Posts

We’ll create co-branded social media posts showcasing your achievements or promoting your solutions, amplifying your message to our engaged audience. You can choose the post’s topic and share supporting material. We’ll craft engaging posts that enhance your brand recognition and emphasize our partnership’s value to potential customers.

Case studies and white papers serve as powerful tools for Partners to highlight real-world success stories and use cases for their solutions and services. We’ll produce top-quality content about your solutions, leveraging our experienced technical team, to engage technical buyers and showcase your brand’s innovation and thought leadership.

Our field marketing team will comprehensively oversee joint events for Partners. These events may be hosted by either Atlantic Data Security or the Partner at a suitable venue. These gatherings provide an excellent platform for networking, lead generation, and brand promotion among industry professionals, including our existing customer base and potential new leads. They offer an unparalleled opportunity to foster and strengthen relationships.

Join us at us at prominent national and regional events such as ISSA, SecureWorld, CSA, Bside, Evanta, and BlackHat. We’ll handle the event exhibition planning to guarantee a unified and impactful presence for our Partners at these pivotal industry gatherings, optimizing return on investment. Partners must assign company representatives to manage the exhibition space and provide our events team with the required branded materials in advance of event setup.

We will develop digital marketing campaigns for Partners, with the frequency determined by their partnership level, and on a channel chosen by the Partner. Partners will select the target audience and campaign objectives. They will also be responsible for supplying essential background materials to facilitate the creation of high-quality advertising content. Partners will have the opportunity to provide final approval on the campaign content, ensuring it aligns with their goals and messaging.

Partners will be showcased on a dedicated landing page hosted on our website, serving as the central hub for accessing all co-branded content, including white papers and case studies. This landing page will be the focal point for co-branded social media posts and advertising campaigns. Utilizing dedicated landing pages guarantees that partners can maximize their return on investment by effectively generating leads and capturing the attention of their target audience.

Partners will have the chance to engage in our Atlantic Data Security CyberHub, providing them with a dynamic platform to showcase their services and solutions to potential customers. To populate their virtual booth, Partners will need to provide content like demos and graphics. The Atlantic Data content marketing team will collaborate with them every step of the way to ensure the creation of an engaging and effective visitor experience, enhancing the visibility and appeal of their offerings.

Atlantic Data will generate a one-time press release to mark the initiation of a partnership. This press release will be distributed via PR Newswire and shared across our social media platforms. The PR Newswire distribution will occur through the US1 distribution group. This formal public announcement will provide Partners with a valuable opportunity to gain credible brand exposure and recognition.

Partners will have the quarterly opportunity to engage with Atlantic sales leadership to review sales plans, discuss progress towards revenue, growth, and service targets, and strategize how best to collaborate going forward. Regular and open lines of communication are the key to success in any business and Atlantic Data Security is committed to giving our partners the ability to engage with us effectively.

Atlantic Data will facilitate the coordination between our Partners and our internal sales team in the form of quarterly account mapping sessions with to share information on mutual targets and opportunities, review progress on demand generation, and develop plans and strategies for generating net new business in new accounts. This ensures that Atlantic and Partner sales efforts align and work towards common goals.

Atlantic Data Security will ensure consistent interaction between our Partner’s Sales Engineers, and our Field Security Architects, ensuring that they develop the necessary knowledge and skills in our Partner’s solutions to provide effective guidance to prospective customers during the sales process.

Additional Partnership Benefits

Marketing Consultation

Atlantic Data Security’s marketing team will collaborate closely with Partner counterparts to enhance strategies and tactics, elevating the brand impact, engagement, and market positioning of both parties. We will produce and provide comprehensive reports summarizing all facets of the partnership program services, encompassing landing page traffic, generated leads, event-based leads, campaign and social media performance, and virtual exhibit hall statistics. This commitment ensures that Partners have the essential insights required to achieve maximum return on investment through our Partnership Program.

Atlantic Data Security will work with Partners to develop an influencer marketing campaign, to expand Partner’s brand awareness to their target audience through industry thought leaders.

Atlantic Data Security will provide dedicated business development campaigns to find new leads for our partner’s services or solutions. Our internal BDR team will reach out to prospects to develop and identify interest, qualify them, and then pass them along to our sales team to pursue the resulting opportunity.

Atlantic Data Security will coordinate with our Partner’s video production teams to create co-branded videos for their services and solutions and to leverage these in advertising and/or social media campaigns if desired. Video formats can include in-person videography, graphical video, or slide-oriented videos. High-quality video content will help enhance brand visibility while showcasing Partner’s core messaging and the collaborative relationship with Atlantic Data Security.

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