ADS Joins the AWS Partner Network

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Atlantic Data Security (ADS) Accelerates Partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Strengthen Cyber Security Offerings

Hartford, CT – Atlantic Data Security (ADS), a leading cyber security company, is thrilled to announce its accelerated partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This strategic collaboration has resulted in ADS becoming a distinguished member of the esteemed Amazon Partner Network (APN), aligning the company with a global community of businesses leveraging AWS solutions and services.

As a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge data security solutions, ADS is now poised to enhance its capabilities further through this partnership with AWS. By harnessing the power of AWS offerings, ADS is positioned to provide advanced cloud-based security solutions to its valued clients.

“We are excited about this expansion within the AWS Partner Network as it marks a significant milestone for ADS,” said Scott Kasper, EVP and General Manager at ADS. “This deeper collaboration empowers us to further leverage AWS’s strength to deliver highly secure and scalable solutions to our clients. It reinforces our commitment to providing top-tier data security services and helping organizations navigate the complex cyber landscape.”

ADS takes pride in addressing the diverse needs of customers across various industries, offering a range of comprehensive solutions available through the AWS Marketplace. These solutions enable organizations to elevate their data security posture, protect against cyber threats, and maintain regulatory compliance.

“With a focus on delivering industry-leading security solutions, Atlantic Data Security empowers organizations to safeguard their valuable data assets,” said Matt Comstock, VP of Services at ADS. “Our partnership with AWS enables us to provide our clients with robust and scalable security solutions tailored to their specific needs.”

Through this collaboration with AWS, customers gain access to a wide array of security solutions available on the AWS Marketplace, including threat intelligence, vulnerability management, data encryption, and network monitoring. These solutions are strategically designed to address the unique challenges faced by organizations in today’s digital landscape.

To explore the comprehensive range of ADS solutions available on the AWS Marketplace, please visit their AWS seller profile.


About Atlantic Data Security (ADS):

Atlantic Data Security (ADS) is a renowned cyber security company committed to delivering cutting-edge data security solutions. With a focus on empowering organizations to safeguard their data assets, ADS collaborates with industry leaders like Amazon Web Services to offer robust and scalable security solutions to businesses of all sizes.


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