Network Security

Importance of Network security

As companies transition more into the digital world, most organizations have moved their entire enterprise online. That can streamline your processes but also leaves you greatly exposed to potential malicious threats and cybersecurity risks. Do not trust your network security to just anyone; Atlantic Data Security (ADS) provides expert services and support to allow businesses to best protect themselves against cyber threats and security risks. We do not use generic network health check software but instead work closely with our clients to develop a customized network security plan tailored to your specific needs and risk assessment. ADS is committed to providing high-quality, reliable, cost-effective services that give our clients peace of mind. Our goal is to supply clients with affordable network security services and advice. By helping clients improve their cybersecurity posture, prepare them for an upcoming audit or certification, or put processes and controls in place to mitigate risk, we ensure companies can successfully navigate the complex security threats and vulnerabilities to cyberattacks.

Our Approach

Protecting your network security is considerably more than just deploying a network health check and calling it a day. At ADS, we take a five-step layered security approach to plan, protect, and alleviate your cybersecurity risks.


ADS has a very intricate risk assessment approach designed to identify any vulnerabilities to attacks on your network security architecture. These network security technologies can use penetration testing and also analyze your perimeter security, data security, and cloud security, identifying vulnerabilities throughout your entire network segmentation. We also ensure that various compliance codes and regulations are correctly followed and implemented to prepare clients for any assessments and checks.


ADS offers a wide range of network security technologies capable of detecting security breaches and alerting key contacts quickly about possible attacks.


When a network security attack is detected throughout your network segmentation, our tools work to retroactively locate and identify the breach and kill any files or viruses deemed malicious to your system.


If you get hit with a cyber attack, you must be able to recover any data that was affected and get your system back up and operating as quickly as possible so that your business is not disturbed. That is where we can help.


ADS provides network security awareness training to help you protect your business. Our cybersecurity experts cover a range of cybersecurity skills and security disciplines, including engineering, security operations, network security architecture, and information assurance requirements.

Full-Service Network Security Protection

At ADS, we believe in working directly with our clients to protect their businesses and equip them with the necessary tools to identify, detect, respond, recover, and protect themselves against cybersecurity threats and attacks. Our national security solutions allow companies everywhere to trust our skilled team to protect your network security infrastructure. No matter the size and industry of your organization, we provide modern network security solutions to protect your company’s data and sensitive information. To ensure your business is secure and protected, contact ADS to get started with your security protection plan, managed security services, staff augmentation, and more.

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