Cloud Security Posture Management

Observe. Secure. Protect.

Secure the Cloud with Atlantic Data Security’s Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) services — the Cloud Security solution for your Cloud Security needs.

Visibility: You can’t protect what you can’t see.  We provide the real-time insight needed to make informed decisions and take immediate action.

Monitoring: The flexibility and speed of change of cloud environments and requires constant surveillance to ensure proper architecture, policy implementation, and user access.

Compliance: Patch and update management coupled with proactive life cycle planning ensures your firewalls are at their best.

CSPM services enhance your security measures and provide peace of mind.. Alongside policy assessments to responsive 24/7 incident management, we ensure continuous Cloud security and enable the flexibility crucial to Cloud infrastructure.

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Comprehensive Cloud Security

As a cloud-native solution, Atlantic Data Security’s Cloud Security Posture Management  proactively monitors for security gaps and misconfigurations that can jeopardize your security posture and disrupt critical business operations


Asset Inventory

Gain a comprehensive view of all your cloud assets, from virtual machines to storage buckets. Our service discovers, identifies, and catalogs these assets, providing a foundation for effective security management.

Real Time monitoring

Monitor your cloud infrastructure 24/7 for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and unauthorized activities. Our real-time alerting mechanisms are designed to provide immediate notifications for swift remedial action.

Highly Configurable

Choose your cloud environment and operational mode. Our CSPM Service is equipped to work with AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI (Oracle) environments. We adapt our alert and enforcement levels to your specific needs, offering flexibility in deployment and management.

Ensure Compliance

Implement and enforce playbooks designed to meet specific security regulations or standards. Our automated compliance checks ensure you’re in line with the security guidelines you must follow, like GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, and PCI-DSS.

Prioritize and Reduce Risk

Receive detailed reports that evaluate and prioritize the security risks associated with your cloud assets and configurations. Our assessments are based on industry benchmarks and provide actionable insights for immediate remediation.

Policy Management

Establish and enforce security policies across your cloud environment. We work with you to create customized rules and configurations that align with your organization’s security priorities, business needs, and industry best practices.

Security Optimization

Benefit from evolving proactive security measures. Our services use historical data and patterns to optimize your security configurations, reduce alerts, and close security gaps.


Total Network Assurance

Bridge the Skill Gap

Make the most of our team of cybersecurity experts. Our dedicated solutions ensure your organization gets the full benefits of our seasoned cybersecurity experts.

Reduced Staff Burden

Experience a lighter workload for internal teams as we handle monitoring and updating the firewall, allowing your staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Rapid Response Time

With our 24/7 incident response management, you can expect us to handle critical issues rapidly and efficiently, minimizing the potential impact on your operations.

Proactive Approach

Embrace a proactive security approach with regular health checks and security policy assessments, safeguarding your network before threats materialize.

Minimized Update Hurdles

Our lifecycle software management ensures the seamless implementation of all hardware, software, and firmware patches and updates.

Enhanced Support

Benefit from our Manufacture Liaison services, facilitating improved communication and support between your organization and solution manufacturers.

Growth and Scaling

Atlantic Data Security’s Managed Firewall Services are designed to facilitate the growth and scaling of your digital infrastructure, providing robust security as your organization expands.


Ensure adherence to industry standards with our Managed Firewall Services, maintaining compliance requirements and upholding the security standards expected by stakeholders.

Choose confidence. Choose security.
Choose ADS.

ADS provides complete cybersecurity solutions and services to help organizations protect their digital assets. When you work with us, you’re working with a company dedicated to elevating your cybersecurity strategy to meet the challenges of tomorrow, today.

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