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What is SOC Compliance?

Quantifying and ensuring security and resilience is increasingly essential for many organizations’ operations. That includes the need for their suppliers, vendors, and partners to demonstrate a certain level of secure practices. While government regulations like GDPR

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Security Misconfigurations

Managing cybersecurity can feel like navigating a minefield. Threats and attacks are just a misstep away. When you think your defenses are up to par, a new threat exploits an overlooked vulnerability.

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What is OT Security?

Ransomware attacks targeting oil pipelines, disrupting food production, or defacing sewage and wastewater treatment have one thing in common: They all target Operational Technology (OT) environments. Computers have become enmeshed in our lives,

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What is Data Classification?

In today’s data-driven world, managing and protecting information has become a critical challenge for modern organizations. The explosion of data, much of it unstructured and sprawling across diverse digital landscapes, has made

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How to Reduce Alert Fatigue

What if your security tools are the biggest threat to your security posture? As ironic as that would be, that’s closer to the truth for many security teams than they would like

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