Understaffed and Overwhelmed; How to improve your security posture when you can’t find the talent you want.

by Florian Riederer

The last year and a half has put tremendous pressure on the cybersecurity sector from multiple directions. Initially, the pandemic triggered a massive shift towards remote work. This accelerated existing trends away from securing on-prem network perimeters, and towards an increased focus on device security, and a holistic approach to network security architecture and surveillance. Several high-profile breaches and attacks have highlighted the ongoing importance of good security. At the same time, the economic shocks of the pandemic have led to squeezes in finding qualified candidates. The apparent labor shortage has impacts in all sectors, and all pay and skill level ranges. In short, for most organizations, cybersecurity has gotten harder, and they are less able to hire people to meet the challenges.

           So how do we solve that problem? It’s a complicated question that needs to be tackled from multiple angles. One important front will be hiring and managing new talent. Since there is a clear shortage of experienced cybersecurity professionals, hiring more broadly, and providing on-the-job up-training and reskilling are powerful tools in an organization’s arsenal. However, many smaller organizations just don’t have the human capital to operate a successful training program, and many large enterprises will be too overwhelmed by maintaining their current security posture to enable that sort of work. To make the most from a limited labor pool, organizations need to leverage technology to the best of their ability.

           From a high-level perspective, advances in technology are the best way to get meaningful increases in productivity out of a fixed workforce. The sphere of cybersecurity is an excellent example of this thanks to the rapid pace of innovation in our field, and the constant technical arms race between threat actors and security teams. I’m going to use the rest of my space here to highlight some innovations and trends in the infosec space

           Over the last few months, we’ve seen lots of focus on the importance of effective data visualization and presentation. As I discussed last time, an overload of alerts is a common challenge facing many security analysts and teams. A complete security architecture usually involves multiple tools and solutions. Reviewing alerts and logs to investigate a possible issue can require accessing several interfaces. 

That’s why there’s a strong emphasis on single-pane-of-glass solutions that can effectively take data from various sources, then filter and highlight the most important information needed to discover and address a potential issue.  

  In addition, there is more and more attention spent on finding solutions that offer automated responses to possible vulnerabilities and breaches. As organizations grow, there’s an increasing load of repeating security issues that would take a technician time to review and remediate. 

But many of these issues can be addressed with known, straightforward fixes. Using solutions that leverage automation in your security architecture enables you to allocate your employee’s time to address the more complicated and crucial incidents that come up. It can prevent the sort of overload that burns out your team.  

Good tools can make your employees more effective, reduce turnover, and keep you safer. If you’re struggling to keep on top of your current security needs, we can help. Get in touch!

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