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Threat detection and extraction is a priority at Atlantic Data Security. With increasing threats to security, establishing an effective strategy may seem like an impossible challenge. How do you respond quickly and appropriately to a potential attack if you can’t see it coming? These threats are often sophisticated and cause damage for extended periods of time, providing attackers plenty of opportunities to act.

Professional Threat Detection & Extraction Services

Threat detection locates threats on your network, systems, or applications before they are capitalized on as attacks. Through techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs), we’re able to monitor and anticipate, catching the process of introducing a threat, rather than reacting to evidence after the fact. Contact Atlantic Data Security at (833) 735-0271 to learn more about our preventative measures.

From extorting money and sensitive information to stealing credentials, personal information, and intellectual property, cybercriminals utilize malware (computer viruses, worms, spyware, and adware), phishing (fake emails), ransomware (a malware that encrypts files), and Trojan horses (remotely activated back doors) to accomplish their goals. Atlantic Data Security makes sure you’re prepared, specializing in the most advanced technology to detect threats at various points on the network.

Our team of engineers will protect your sensitive information with threat detection & extraction solutions!

Cybercriminals are innovative. Traditional methods of detection are no longer sufficient. Atlantic Data Security offers groundbreaking solutions, employing analytics technology to identify abnormal and risky conduct by users, machines, and other entities on your network. We provide the tools to aggressively seek out cyber threats both proactively and on the tail end of security issues, allowing for a successful defense and extraction.

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