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Databases are a prime target for hackers, making security especially vital. Atlantic Data Security provides a range of tools, controls, and measures designed to establish and maintain confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility. We help you determine the types of security programs necessary to safeguard the underlying infrastructure that houses the database, including the network and servers, securely configuring the DBMS.

Server & Database Security Solutions

A variation of security controls works to prevent the circumvention of security protocols. Database auditing offers centralized oversight and helps to detect, deter, and minimize the overall effect of unauthorized access to your DBMS. Management of encryption keys, protection of the encryption system, operation of a secure, off-site encryption backup, and access restriction procedures provide an effective defense. From system hardening and monitoring to DBMS configuration, Atlantic Data Security is your source for proven security.

Trust in Atlantic Data Security for Server & Database Security

Protecting the data your company collects and manages is absolutely essential. Server and database security guards against threats which can result in damage to your reputation, financial losses, client distrust, negative impact on your brand, and non-compliance with government and industry regulation. Atlantic Data Security encourages you to contact us at (833) 735-0271 to discuss your unique concerns and goals. With physical offices located in East Hartford, CT, Buffalo, NY, and Lowell, MA, and services throughout the East Coast, we continue to focus on each individual client throughout Lowell, North Billerica, Billerica, Methuen & Lawrence, MA | East Hartford, Hartford, Newington, Manchester & West Hartford, CT. Trust us to cater solutions to your unique needs and network.

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