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Perimeter security creates an active defensive network around data and resources. Utilizing systems such as firewalls, VPNs, DDoS attack prevention, predictive analysis, and more, these proactive measures provide a depth of protection. Our goal is to deny access and ward off threats. Implementing multiple layers of supportive controls, Atlantic Data Security fortifies the entrance gates.

Perimeter Security Solutions

As a premier cybersecurity solution provider, Atlantic Data Security is solely cybersecurity-focused. Our engineering team is trained and certified in the spectrum of products we sell, proficient in many deployments, and provides integration into customers’ sites. We offer continuing support, achieving immediate and sustainable protection. Get in touch with us at (833) 735-0271 to hear more about the opportunities and rewards of perimeter security.

Types of Perimeter Security Solutions We Provide

Firewalls are an extremely useful perimeter security hardware/software that limits the access and escape of data and connections, lessening the burden on individual systems. By filtering traffic and obstructing outsides, firewalls also prevent infection from harmful software.

VPNs provide more online privacy. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, encrypts data into code to prevent unauthorized access between your device and the connected server, hides your IP address to prevent tracing, and allows utilization of a freer internet by letting you decide where you’re located globally.

DDoS or distributed denial-of-service attacks overwhelm websites and online services with more traffic than the server or network can handle, rendering it inoperable. Defending against a DDoS attack requires quick identification to contain damage, configuration of firewalls, awareness of vulnerabilities, and services that recognize legitimate spikes in network traffic.

Predictive Analysis identifies security threats prior to an attack to maximize protection. Proactive measures utilize detection techniques and self-learning analytics to surveil network activity, search for irregularities, and record real-time data. Preventative awareness identifies vulnerabilities before threats occur.

Pen Tests/Vulnerability Assessments are two tests targeting different areas, bringing individual strengths and results within the same area of focus. Vulnerability assessments reveal pre-existing weaknesses and their location, while penetration tests take advantage of vulnerabilities to identify unauthorized access, harmful activity, and level of severity.

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