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SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and log management utilize statistical connections to create actionable security strategies. We’re able to identify threats, streamline incident response, complete forensic investigation on past issues, and formulate audits for compliance requirements. By collecting and correlating security events from a diversity of data sources, Atlantic Data Security provides a safeguard against modern security challenges.

Security Information and Event Management Solutions

With SIEM technology, we develop operational security platforms to assemble real-time events and historical log data and initiate associations that reveal anomalies, weaknesses, and incidents. Concentrating on successful or failed logins, malware activities, and escalation of privileges offers insight, prompts alerts, and leads to discovery. Specializing in cybersecurity technology, Atlantic Data Security pioneers solutions. We provide the keys to effective and evolving protection.

SIEM Technology Experts

Whether you realize it or not, the devices your operations depend on every day are producing a data log. This valuable information includes a history of activity and allows connection of the dots very quickly. A proper log management system streamlines the search for errors, provides alerts for potential issues before productivity is negatively impacted, minimizes time, and allows for easier analysis. For further information and to take advantage of Forensics SIEM and log aggregation technology, get in touch with the specialists from Atlantic Data Security.

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