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Understaffed and Overwhelmed


Understaffed and Overwhelmed; How to improve your security posture when you can’t find the talent you want. by Florian Riederer...

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Detection and Response: Endpoint and Extended


​Changing threat landscapes and changing business needs continuously require new security approaches that address evolving needs. One of the most...

Threat Mitigation

IoT Attacks


by Florian Riederer From smartphones, smartwatches, connected cars, networked wearable medical devices, and so on, the highly connected world we...

Threat Mitigation

What We Can Learn from the Twitch Data Breach


by: Florian Riederer 2021 continues apace with more high-profile and disruptive data breaches.  Last week’s confirmed breach and leak of...

Threat Mitigation

MFA Option Pro and Cons


by Florian Riederer Multifactor Authentication is clearly recognized as one of the most secure methods of individual authentication. We are...

Threat Mitigation

In light of the Colonial Pipeline breach, our Regional Sales Director poses the question, "What is it going to take?"


The attack on the Colonial pipeline is just the latest in a long string of ransomware attacks. Each week, heck,...


See SIGRed take on Lombardi, Derek, and Comăneci!? ...but not before putting on a facemask and patching your servers.


Before you read any further, patch your Microsoft servers (up to 14 July, 2020). Now, read this article posted by...


Valuable tips from our Director of Engineering on "How to Protect Yourself from Ryuk Ransomeware"


It is vital that customers take proactive measures immediately to protect their environments from aggressive ransomware activity. Here are some...

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